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Preschool Education - ABC 123


Preschool Education - Learn ABC and 123 is a free app perfect for kids aged 1-5.Improve your child's thinking and get them ready for school. Preschool education is extremely important as it sets the foundation for the child's future.Start educating your kids in nursery to give them the best start to primary school. This free app will make learning fun and boost your child's development. Note: All topics come with pronunciation (audio).We will help your child learn:*The Alphabet A to Z*The numbers 1 to 10*Months of the Year*Seasons*Animals and Objects
Detailed review:
This application is perfect for kids in kindergarten and preschoolers who need to learn their ABC and 123. Kids learn in a fun way how to count numbers from 1 to 10.We will hopefully be adding more features which children are required to learn such as learning colours and bigger numbers. The app used to include kids being able to trace 123 and ABC but it was removed because of graphics. We are working on adding it back in to improve kids tracing and writing. This app is for preschool kids learning preschool curriculum in a fun way.The application is aimed at children 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, years old.
We hope you enjoy this app and remember to leave feedback for us to improve.